Beatrice Maeder

Beatrice Maeder was born on the 21st of December in 1983 in Murten, Switzerland and has a Master’s Degree in History and English from the University of Fribourg, CH. She is now working as a teacher at a professional school.


Since her childhood she has admired music and became a passionate singer. She met Arnaud through a school project, for which she went to record some songs at his studio. As he liked Trix’s voice, Arnaud asked her to sing in his band. Trix liked the somewhat different style of Arnaud’s music and agreed to join the band right away.


Through working with Arnaud she could improve her vocal competence and gain studio and stage experience. Trix is still very keen on expanding her vocal competence by working with her vocal coach Daniela Simmons or by listening to talented singers, who inspire her for her vocal interpretation.