Arnaud Francelet

Arnaud Francelet was born at 09 November 1972 in Freiburg/ Switzerland. His love for music began in his early childhood. At the age of nine, Arnaud joined as bassist in the band of his brother - Norbert - for the first time. With his bass instrument he could fully develop his creativity. At age 12, he gained his first experience with studio recordings as a rock band member and in that time created his first own compositions.

After studying at the Bass Institute of Technology in Los Angeles –, Arnaud Francelet works as a composer (Francelet / Moser, paraffine,  bloom in stereo and many more) as an electric bassist and double bassist in various formations (from duo to big band and classical to jazz & electric) and as a music teacher.

He has made several studio productions in the genres Pop rock and jazz. He performs regularly in Switzerland and went on tour to Germany, Austria, France, Spain and Italy. He also made guest appearances in Turkey and Thailand.

Arnaud participates in various musicals (Blues Brothers, L'homme de la Mancha) and has had various appearances with renowned musicians such as Fred Wesley, John di Martino, Nicolas Meyer, Juan Muguia, Daniel Küffer and many more….