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In numerous concerts in Switzerland and abroad, the band bloomnotes has earned a reputation as an ensemble of the highest standards.

In 2008, the band was launched by Arnaud Francelet and Beatrice Maeder. Their goal was to create a coverband that makes a difference in the music industry, that regards quality and authenticity as their top priority. So bloomnotes puts a great importance on a wise selection of their songs, which are then adapted to suit themselves and given their own very special "bloomnote“.

Beatrice, the singer with a unique voice and a great stage presence and Arnaud Francelet, the passionate allrounder on double bass, electric bass and piano are supported by outstanding musicians. Together they offer the audience the most beautiful songs and acoustic treat with surprising arrangements.

The repertoire of bloomnotes offers anything from jazz works of the 50s up to current pop hits. An extraordinary feast for the ears is able to captivate audiences of all ages. The songs can be selected individually for each event, depending on your taste and preference. The same goes for the composition of the band, which can be adapted to your event. As a duo, trio, quartet or quintet, your audience will be roused with high-class vocals, groovy rhythms and exciting solos. The members of the band demonstrate a harmonically and rhythmically competent performance and are rewarded by the concert goers every time with great applause.

Be it a wedding, a gala evening, a lake cruise, a business meal or a family celebration: bloomnotes makes it an unforgettable experience! Feel free to request a suitable offer.

Pauline Ganty


Sybille Fässler


Arnaud Francelet

doublebass bass


Claude Schneider


Vincent Terrapon


Nadir Graa



Claudio Von Arx


André Rossier


Johan Wermeille


The final cast of the band is subject to availability of the singers and musicians.







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